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Low-Bed & Multi Axel Trailor

Specialist in ODC Consignment.

Fleet owners of LOW-BED & MULTI AXEL Trailors and Transportation Contractors For ODC Consignment For all Over India .

Transit mixture

Giant Of New Era

A new era has started in construction  industries since the invention of this equipment . We are the leading service providers of  Transit Mixtures in central India of all cubic capacities.


Life Line Of  Construction and  Earth Work Job

None of the stone is left un-tuned if the job is given to this giant knon as Tipper.

Stanless Steel Tanker

For commercial and Industrial Purpose

Stainless Steel is well known food friendly element through out the world.We are the fleet owners of SS Tankers  having passed explosive norms these tankers can be used for carrying food grade products and highly explosive chemicals .


Most Popular Equipment

Backhoe is an equipment known for its multi-dimentional utility through out the world .


Compulsory Equipment

We supply different types of cranes which is most compulsory equipment in all type of industries and construction works.


Oldest Equipment In Industry

Our Speciality is to Provide all types of Excavators without which none of the construction and earth work can be completed in all over world.

Soil Compactor

Essential Earth Work Equipment

None of the construction and earth work  is complete without Soil-Compaction.